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5 Reasons Why Mobile Friendly Website Increase Your Business Revenue .

Why Mobile Friendly Sites Increase Top Line Revenue. 5 key reasons why it's time for your website to become mobile friendly for top-line revenue.

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Mobile Friendly Website
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Mobile-Friendly means More Revenue

1. Mobile Devices Are the Main Source of Search Engine Traffic

As mobile users outnumber desktop, businesses are more mindful than ever of the increased revenue that is achieved by having a mobile-ready website.  A mobile-first site is created to leverage the extra capabilities of mobile devices, while creating fluid surfaces that appeal to all screen sizes. 

2. Your Customers Are Looking for You on Mobile

The overwhelming consensus among marketing experts is that customers crave a mobile experience from businesses. Mobile search has had a colossal impact on local search: especially for restaurants, hotels and retail establishments.  Making your website mobile-friendly and responsive to all devices is no longer an option.  It is a necessity. 

3. Consumer Questions Answered

Mobile searches serve a more significant role in answering consumer’s questions. Mobile searches are more likely to be strutted in the form of a question.  

4. Google Rewards Sites That Offer a Mobile-friendly Experience

If your web page is not mobile-friendly, then this will hurt the perceived quality of your website and therefore negatively impact your Google ranking.  In addition, your site will rank lower when someone searches on a mobile device. Google's mobile-friendly update meant big changes to mobile search rankings and results and officially ushered in the mobile-first era. Now Google is turning its attention towards a new factor: mobile-friendliness. 

5. Responsive Design Will Increase Profits

Responsive Web Design Helps Get You More Conversions. No one likes to have to resize, pinch and scroll just to get the information they are seeking. Responsive web design is a web design method that enables web to fit the screens of different devices automatically, displaying the content in a way that people feel comfortable. This greatly reduces users’ operations like panning, zooming and scrolling when browsing the web. Most companies experience a significant online sales increase once they made their website mobile friendly with responsive web design. A well-designed website makes visitors reach for their wallet. 

Responsive web design is Google's recommended design strategy for rendering mobile websites.

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