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Cheryl Travis

Thought Leader and Communicator
Responsive Web Design Benefits

December 1, 2020.

11 Advantages of Long-Tail Keywords

By Cheryl Travis

Long-tail keywords are your path to overtaking the competition. Focusing on Long-Tail Keywords is a great tactic of SEO.

Responsive Web Design Benefits

November 1, 2020.

21 Tips for Increasing Google AdSense Earnings

By Cheryl Travis

Give a significant boost to your Adsense income with these 21 tips. AdSense income can help you earn passive income with minimal effort.

Responsive Web Design Benefits

October 1, 2020.

17 Insights on How to Optimize Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

By Cheryl Travis

Social media is an excellent opportunity for you to grown your online presence, increase website traffic, strengthen your brand, generate more leads and connect with your audience.

Revenue-Driven Advantages of Responsive Web Design

September 1, 2020.

11 Revenue-Driven Advantages of Responsive Web Design

By Cheryl Travis

Why responsive design is the best option when creating a mobile-friendly website.

Content Marketing Tips

August 1, 2020.

19 Actionable Content Marketing Tips for Digital Marketers

By Cheryl Travis

A strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, value and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience.

SEO for Higher Search Rankings

July 1, 2020.

7-Step SEO Plan for Higher Search Rankings  

By Cheryl Travis

SEO remains top-of-mind as marketers plan their content marketing strategy for this year. Enjoy this 7-stp easy guide to search engine optimisation (SEO) tips and tricks that will elp get your site to the top of Google.

SEO Meta Description Tips

June 1, 2020.

Learn These 11 SEO Meta Description Tips to Improve Your Google Ranking 

By Cheryl Travis

Think of your Meta Description as the welcome mat to your site's virtual doorway. A meta description can influence the decision of the searcher as to whether they want to click through to read more.

A Mobile-friendly Website Will Increase Revenue

May 1, 2020.

5 Reasons Why a Mobile-friendly Website Will Increase Revenue

By Cheryl Travis

As mobile users outnumber desktop, businesses are more mindful than ever of the increased revenue that is achieved by having a mobile-ready website.  A mobile-first site is created to leverage the extra capabilities of mobile devices, while creating fluid surfaces that appeal to all screen sizes.

Advantages of hiring freelancers

April 1, 2020.

12 Advantages of hiring freelancers

By Cheryl Travis

Getting help from freelancers is an easy, fast, cost-effective, and innovative way for you to grow your business. Finding the right freelance contractor saves you time and money. Investing in an experienced freelancer could, in fact, bring untold advantages to your business.

Multi-Channel Marketing Best Practices

March 1, 2020.

Multi-Channel Marketing

By Cheryl Travis

Effective multichannel marketing takes advantage of the unique strengths and weakness of each different channel. By coordinating campaigns to span multiple channels, marketers can encourage customers to make more purchases, collect more consumer data, expand their brand awareness and strengthen their relationship.

Effective Logo Design

Feb 1, 2020.

9 Essential Elements of Effective Logo Design

By Cheryl Travis

An effective logo can capture the attention of prospects, enhance admiration of your customers, and turn one-time purchasers into loyal consumers.  

Content Marketing Strategy

Jan 1, 2020.

16 Tips on Creating a Brilliant Content Marketing Strategy

By Cheryl Travis

When executed properly, content marketing is one of the most compelling and cost-effective ways to market your services, your brand or yourself. Applying the following concepts to your content marketing strategy will take time and consideration in the beginning and decidedly develop into a natural part of your content strategy.

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