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I have the greatest job in the world. I spend every day capturing the essence of what is beautiful and unique about a product or service and communicate that message visually with carefully composed easily digestible authentic content, memorable storytelling and a consistent message. I develop multi-channel marketing campaigns where I employ a variety of channels to deliver that message to my target audience. I create compelling marketing materials in a variety of digital and print mediums, each working together establish a brand and appeal to the spirit of my clients product or service. I am spirited, passionate and limitless in all that I do. I love all things creative. I have the greatest job in the world.

These are just a few of the services that I will assist you with

Responsive Web Design

Mobile devices are now the main source of search engine traffic. Google rewards sites that offer a mobile friendly experience. Responsive web design is Google's recommended design strategy for rendering mobile websites. Check to see if your website is mobile-friendly using Google's Mobile-Friendly Test. 

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a powerful strategy to boost your website’s ability to reach potential customers. Create pages for users, not for search engines. I observe makes your website and product unique, valuable and engaging and create pages with valuable, relevant and original content that is absorbed and understood by both your users and crawlers.

Brand Identity

How a brand is perceived in the eye of the consumer affects how successful the business is. A successful brand stands out among its competition. Developing or refining a brands identity is a process that aims to clearly define what your brand stands for and what makes your product or service the clear choice in the consumer shopping experience.  It is essential that every time your visual marketing messages appear, they are consistent in their appearance, message, feel, typography, color palette, etc.

Logo Creation

A logo is the first step in the creation of your corporate identity and a critical piece of the branding mix. It is the central, identifiable visual element that assists customers in identifying a company's brand.  Creating an effective logo when you first start your business, or refreshing your logo to truly capture your businesses identity is time and money well spent. An effective logo is timeless and will endure the test of time. It captures the attention of your prospects, adds to the admiration of your customers and turns one-time purchasers into loyal consumers.

Marketing Collateral

We experience the world through our senses. Each decision we make, regardless of what we are buying, is based on the relationship between choice and emotion. Our ability to bring a brand to life in every aspect of the consumer experience is what fuels our success. Marketing collateral is at the heart of that success. Each piece, unique unto itself, is part of a larger, integrated, campaign in which all the parts work together to build brand awareness and educate the consumer.

Responsive Email Marketing

The primary goal of on email marketing strategy is lead generation, conversions, sales and customer retention with content that is concise, compelling, and easy to read. With responsive email, your readers are able to access your email while on the go allowing for unlimited conversions regardless of where your emails are consumed. 

Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a long term strategy of consistently creating and publishing value material that builds trust and authority among your visitors.  It is a way to build relationships with customers, with the intention that they will become loyal to you and your brand.  Become recognized as a leader in your industry with a content marketing strategy that attracts your target audience and drives sales organically without using traditional selling techniques.

Multi-Channel Marketing

On average, multi-channel marketing and selling increase revenue by 38%, 120%, and 190% with each additional channel. Multi-Channel client engagement or Cross-channel engagement involves integrating multiple marketing channels, using a combination of indirect and direct communication, to seamlessly interact with your target audience offering a unique experience that benefits the consumer. 

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