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Multi-Channel Marketing.

The best brands sell to their customers wherever they consume content. Multi-channel marketing is promoting and selling anywhere your customers buy.  

The idea behind multichannel marketing is to give your customers a choice and control over how they interact with brands.

Multi-Channel client engagement or Cross-channel engagement involves integrating multiple marketing channels, using a combination of indirect and direct communication, to seamlessly interact with your target audience offering a unique experience that benefits the consumer. Effective multichannel marketing takes advantage of the unique strengths and weakness of each different channel. By coordinating campaigns to span multiple channels, marketers can encourage customers to make more purchases, collect more consumer data, expand their brand awareness and strengthen their relationship.

1. A consistent brand message is your heartbeat

With every interaction, you want to convey your brand message consistently across all channels, focusing on customer value, engagement, and retention. By delivering relevant messages to the consumer, their relationship with your brand will grow.  A consistent experience across different channels builds trust and will help that relationship to grow.

2. Customer experience is your brand

Maintain a cohesive, consistent customer experience. Use the same colors, images, branding, and messaging in every channel. Regardless of the channel, customers experience your brand as a whole which makes the customer experience one of the most powerful competitive differentiators.  The conversation should continue seamlessly as they move from email to laptops to smartphones and more.

3. Personalized marketing gives customers a sense of identity

Personalization is one of the few ways to separate your business from the competition. Feeling connected creates a sense of community. Use customer data and automation to deliver relevant messaging and maintain a cohesive experience as users shift between channels. Your goal is to build a mutually rewarding and unique brand experience that benefits the consumer and caters to their wants.

4. Achieve greatness though gratitude

One of the number one reasons customers leave is because brands and businesses are ineffective at communicating that they care and appreciate them.  Appreciation comes in many forms and with almost no monetary investment. It organically builds user loyalty, adds great word-of-mouth marketing and it feels good.  So spread the love.

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